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How to maintain dietary cation anion balance and reduce the difference

How to maintain a dietary cation anion balance and reduce the dietary cation anion difference? It is a question that a lot of dairy farm owners, dairy consultants, and companies would like to have answered to prevent milk fever. But what exactly causes milk fever?

The emergence of milk fever during calving

A cow has to produce colostrum during calving, because the calcium demand of dairy cows increases significantly when this happens. The cow will get sharply increased calcium and because of this, milk fever can be caused. Most of the older cows will get this problem, since the calcium is set free out of the bones too slowly. It is essential to reduce calcium shortage after calving to maintain the health of the dairy cow and to resolve milk fever.

Palatable anionic salts to reduces calcium shortage

By using economically feasible feed additives and supplements, calcium deficiency in dairy cows can be reduced. At Kimtec International they can provide you with high-quality supplements, produced under high-quality control standards like GMP and HACCP. Reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows is possible by using their anionic salts like KatAn®. This is a group of palatable anionic salts that reduces calcium shortage after calving. Anionic salts help restore the calcium level in dairy cows and therefore the prevention of milk fever. When you feed a regular dry cow ration, it will lead to a positive dietary cation anion difference. The anionic salts in the KatAn® products from Kimtec International, promote a more acidic metabolic state, thus restoring the dietary cation anion balance and difference.

Discover what they can do for you

Kimtec International is happy to answer all of your questions about feasible additives and supplements for the animal feed industry. Do you have any questions about how to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows? Or are you interested in the KatAn® products? Give them a call!


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