6 Websites Where You Can Read Credible Customer Reviews

The question is probably, “what’s the big deal about reviews that there are designated sites known majorly for reviews?” The answer is; customer reviews have the potential of determining the growth of any business at all.

No person would want to visit/buy from a badly reviewed business. It saves stress and pain. Customer reviews help to anchor a business, play an integral role in its growth process as well as provide people with useful information. That’s why there are websites dedicated to that particular purpose entirely.

1.      Google: Google is the most common place to go to when you’re searching for anything, reviews included. The average monthly traffic of Google users is around 158.03 million which makes it an even more favorable site for reviews of different kinds. With this high-level traffic in Google, businesses are always striving to reach the stage where their businesses are recognizable on Google so that customers can easily find their locations. Every Google customer review shows up in search and it boosts SEO which is very important to the online presence of every business. Generally, Google is the king when it comes to traffic, and each review it grants a business plays a crucial role for that business.

2.      Amazon: Amazon is another site where you can read reviews of products and services. The e-commerce business has monthly web traffic of 85.44 million thereby making it a go-to place for honest and reliable reviews. These reviews include all the various items they sell on the website.

3.      Facebook: Facebook, with its monthly traffic record of around 85.57 million, enables users to leave reviews on the site. Facebook is a renowned social platform that connects virtually everyone. Therefore, companies can create pages on this app where customers can leave reviews on. Today, Facebook is gradually becoming a popular review site.

4.      Yelp: Yelp has a monthly US traffic of around 40.47 million. It serves as a review site for virtually any business. On Yelp, users can publish useful reviews about businesses where others can easily access the information. Also, Yelp trains businesses on how to utilize reviews to their advantage.

5.      TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is another review site where users can read reviews. The thing about TripAdvisor is that its reviews are tailored towards travels and travel experiences majorly. The website has a monthly US traffic of 28.27 million. Making it one of the most reliable sites for travel destinations reviews with its army of travel writers.

6.      Angie’s List: Angie’s list is mostly a review site tailored to different interests like real estate and listings, pets, health, etc. It’s generally a private review site that’s paid to write reviews of various listings across a particular locale. Angie list has monthly traffic of 5.44 million.

Reviews are the first point of contact of any customer when checking out a business. Businesses should invest more into customer reviews as it has a huge impact on the growth of every business.